There is a certain kind of magic that happens when you pick up a camera and start framing the world for yourself, freezing moments in time as you go. It’s this aspect that I fell in love with – seeing and saving moments that matter.

Photography is what I do – and I love what I do. More than anything else, both my passion and appreciation for the craft have shaped the time I’ve spent behind the camera. I aim to document what’s happening in front of me in a way that portrays how things felt, not just how they looked.

This pursuit has enhanced my perspective of everything that I see. It has made me appreciate the fleeting moments that add so much meaning to our lives. My goal is to capture these moments in my images, and share them with others.

 But who I am is more than photography. I share a home with my beautiful girlfriend Megan, our dog Kali and our cat Monkey. They provide the love, support and perspective that creates balance in my life.

 So let’s chat. I’d love to share my work with you, learn a bit more about your story, and have the opportunity to create something together that will inspire you.