Photography in its best form is used to slow the world down and preserve a specific moment in a way that nothing else can. Through photos, these memories can live on. The moments of interaction and emotion experienced on a wedding day are at the core of what makes each one truly unique, and it is humbling when others trust me with the challenge of telling their stories in an honest way.

Color, light, composition, depth and emotion are all central to the way I photograph, and I am passionate about photographing on film. Aside from its unmatchable character, quality and classic look, the process of shooting film forced me to slow down and experience more of what’s happening in front of me, while being more deliberate in my approach. Combining both photojournalistic and editorial styles in my wedding photography allows me to create elegant and candid imagery that reflects the love shared on such an important day – drawing out what makes your love unique is at the heart of what I do.

Creating artful imagery is important to me, and I am wholeheartedly devoted to my craft – even more important is the experience each one of my couples have with me.

I am based in beautiful Miami, Florida but frequently travel for weddings. I would love to learn more about your plans so we can create something beautiful together that will inspire you and the ones you love.